A group photo of the Vilotel family

The Vilotel family
Basis of success

Modern and smart design, natural materials and textiles, regional suppliers and good quality create a place where guests and staff feel happy and at home. The living room is the heart of the hotel, where lobby, bar and restaurant come together. People meet in a relaxed atmosphere to relax and enjoy. Honest craftsmanship, suppliers who know what they are doing, sustainability and regionality are the pillars of our gastronomy. The foundation is our corporate culture, in which all employees treat each other with great appreciation and mutual respect on a professional level with heart. Our team spirit and relaxed attitude provide us with the motivation and responsibility to implement ideas and innovations.

Birgitt Mönch

... One that always laughs.

Some people go into semi-retirement at 50, I started again and opened a hotel after 20 years of self-employment in the event industry.

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Birgitt Mönch

Michael Mönch

... fill each day with one thing you do for the first time.

With this motto it never gets boring. After many years as hotel director and already two hotel openings with international hotel groups, it was time to do something of our own.

The platform Oberkochen with its strong industry, the region of the Ostalb known to us, the investor family and the architects Geplan and Arch 22 were the optimal basis for a successful hotel concept. On the top comes our professional experience and the feeling for people. The individual needs and fast development are our daily challenge, which makes our profession incomparable.

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Olaf Kusch
Assistant director

... Jack of all trades from the north

While browsing through a trade magazine, I came across the job ad for VILOTEL.

The ad and the hotel concept were mega appealing. It was tempting, but only for the attraction of driving 1000 km to the interview from Hamburg to Oberkochen, rather unsexy and not sustainable.

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Johannes Bischof
Head chef

... star cook

I have traveled a lot around the world and learned from top chefs and benefited enormously. On one of the trips I met my wife, who, like me, also works in the restaurant business and therefore has a lot of understanding for my profession.

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Alex Wolf

... look who's hammering.

I know the VILOTEL already from the first excavator. My good room is a 2-minute walk from the hotel, so I have followed the new hotel construction with excitement and curiosity.

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Beneta Haklaj

... Organizational talent

Living in Oberkochen, word gets around when a new hotel is built, so I also learned about the VILOTEL.

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Anita Mulko
Restaurant Manager

... everything no problem

I have known Michael Mönch for many years. I have already opened a hotel with him and supported him for many years as restaurant manager.

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Marianne Saur

... in pennies and nickels

Looking for a new challenge, I have been at VILOTEL for almost 4 years now through a job advertisement. I am an "old hand" when it comes to accounting, but I have never had a hotel as a client.

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