Birgitt Mönch

Birgitt Mönch

... One that always laughs.

Some people go into semi-retirement at 50, I started again and opened a hotel after 20 years of self-employment in the event industry.

How did it come to this?

The city of Oberkochen approached Michael to plan how to proceed with the existing hotel at the town hall.

After a feasibility study, it quickly became clear that the hotel would be best demolished and a new and also larger hotel would have to take its place. On the part of the town hall/municipal council, this was immediately approved. So everything took its course ...

The Haag family was found as investors. From the beginning it was a harmonious, trusting and honest cooperation and the question of an operator was raised.

You can imagine ... we went from being the planners to the operators.

From planners to operators

Of course, we are not without prior knowledge. Michael is the full professional anyway and has already opened his 3rd hotel, I have an education as a cook, then worked in various hotels at the reception up to the management. Then came the children ...

We have been running the VILOTEL for 4.5 years now and I have not regretted a single day.

A strong team of currently 35 employees support ums daily and guests as one can only wish.

We see many of them week after week, they already belong to the "family".

In addition, our ingenious kitchen (I wanted at the beginning only a Hotel Garni). Our living room, with Johannes our chef we not only get a lot of praise and recognition, we are considered an insider tip of the star cuisine. If one is not proud there.

One that always laughs.

Of course, there are/were also not so easy times, but I am one who always laughs....

I like to recharge my battery with family (we have 2 wonderful children 23 and 25 years) and friends. I get strong energy on trips and hikes.

Our dog gives me daily exercise and I avoid elevators.

Any questions? Just do it.
Yours Birgitt (manager and hostess with passion)

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