Michael Mönch

... fill each day with one thing you do for the first time.

With this motto it never gets boring. After many years as hotel director and already two hotel openings with international hotel groups, it was time to do something of our own.

The platform Oberkochen with its strong industry, the region of the Ostalb known to us, the investor family and the architects Geplan and Arch 22 were the optimal basis for a successful hotel concept. On the top comes our professional experience and the feeling for people. The individual needs and fast development are our daily challenge, which makes our profession incomparable.

Pleasure and wine

Gastronomy is an important building block for our Vilotel in addition to the high-quality and modern technology. With Johannes and Anita, we have two passionate full professionals in our team at a very high level, who constantly set new impulses.

My love of good wines led me to train as a sommelier two years ago. When it comes to selecting wines for our wine list, it's not just my nose that counts, but also the experience of our wine merchants from the region. We regularly visit regional wineries with our employees and trainees.

The team

For me, this is the most important element in our hotel. Flat hierarchies and empowerment promote quick decisions, which have characterized the years after the opening and also made us so successful. Many employees have been with the hotel since the first day it opened. Respect and recognition are a high priority. Our door is always open to all employee concerns.

This year, we introduced an employee communication tool from Überblick, which saves a lot of time and is a clear approach for everyone. Information is immediately transported into all languages of the employees.

If you can't change the wind, then you have to set the sails differently....

As the son of a Greek mother, I started sailing at an early age and gained a lot of experience on the sea. Once or twice a year I sail from island to island in Greek waters. It gives me an indescribable feeling of freedom. There is no better way to relax.

Sailing has also fundamentally shaped my behavior, because you have to be very consistent on the one hand, and on the other hand, you have to know ahead/flexibly when to leave your line. If you are thinking about reefing, do it. IMMEDIATELY!

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