Olaf Kusch
Assistant director

... Jack of all trades from the north

While browsing through a trade magazine, I came across the job ad for VILOTEL.

The ad and the hotel concept were mega appealing. It was tempting, but only for the attraction of driving 1000 km to the interview from Hamburg to Oberkochen, rather unsexy and not sustainable.

And then?

Until then, I only knew the "corner" of the Ostalb from the map. So we conducted the interview by video. Mutual sympathies immediately raced through the line, we agreed. In no time at all we moved with my family of 3 from the north to the south. We started in the construction container, the tasks were complex.

Site manager, organization of operational processes, development of online systems, back office, front office ... 1000 exciting tasks.

Today my office is in a central location in the hotel, my family now consists of 4 golden treasures, I still can't speak Swabian, but a "Moin" in the evening is usually understood. I am responsible as an assistant manager in the Vilotel, contribute to the good occupancy rate, am on a first-name basis with most bookers and guests, who like the relaxed, familiar way of working forward.

Number 1 is my family. Our children spur us on to new things every day, so there's not often much time for my hobby, but when there is, I love to go up into the mountains for alpine hiking, where I also love the challenges.

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