Our philosophy

Hotel | 23.02.2023


... Enter and feel at home.

Our good cooperation among colleagues is certainly reflected in the guest.

With us, no employee has to pretend, we support each other, no one looks the other way when there's a fire, but lends a hand in no time at all, so that we can keep calm and keep an overview even in hectic phases.

We spend so much time together every day that we have to get along and have fun. It's much nicer to spend eight hours with nice people than with ... Motivation, creativity flows much better and you are more innovative.

Our good-humored and super-friendly guests are striking. This has certainly not only to do with the great object VILOTEL, but certainly with above described. At VILOTEL, professionalism and relaxedness come together.


... you always have to look at what makes the world tick, what the trends are. You have to tie in with that and not reject new things. On the contrary, we get ideas or optimize many things. For example, in digitalization, sustainability, alternative food and much more.

We always want to be up to date and always at the forefront of the players.

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