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Hotel | 23.02.2023

Why is the VILOTEL called - VILOTEL?

The name VILOTEL comes from the French word "Hotel de Ville" = the town hall.

Next to the VILOTEL stands the Oberkochen town hall and in former times the Hotel am Rathaus was located on this site. During a cultivated glass of wine with good friends, the name VILOTEL then came to life, the baptism was perfect.


Sleep (yourself) healthy - with our anti-stress bedding, electrostatic tensions are reduced during sleep, as the finest carbon fibers are woven into the high-quality cover fabrics in the form of a grid.

At the same time, the sleeper is shielded from electromagnetic waves, creating natural balance and promoting healthy sleep.


We are the first hotel in Europe to use a Gravivent as a cooling and heating element.

This is located in the hotel room behind the panelling. It regulates the temperature by the gravity of the air and is therefore silent. You fall asleep without noise and wake up without a sore throat.

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