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Outdoor | 23.02.2023

The Ostalb has become an insider tip for hikers and cyclists.

Corona has turned things around.

After travel to the big wide world was slowed down, vacationing in Germany has become more popular than it has been for a long time. Thus, the Ostalb has also received an enormous flow.

Hiking and biking are currently a huge hype. You don't necessarily have to go to crowded mountains or Lake Constance to see masses of people instead of nature.

The Ostalb has become an insider tip for hikers, cyclists and everyone who likes nature, an intact and varied cultural landscape.

Discover your hiking luck on the unique Ostalb. Long-distance hiking trails, round tours, imposing rocks, mystical caves, secluded lakes and Germany's most beautiful hiking trail, the "Albschäferweg" can be discovered here.

Get out of the VILOTEL, into nature. Do you know our local Oberkochen mountains? The Rodstein or the Volkmarsberg? Never mind, it's never too late. www.VILOTEL.de

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