Water & Energy

We purchase 100% green electricity from GEO Oberkochen
The exhaust air from the kitchen and sauna is used for heat recovery
Earth probes at a depth of 180 meters operate the geothermal energy with heat pump
The load peaks are covered by the BHKW of the city Oberkochen
Hot water is produced only as needed with a fresh water station
Light comes from 100 % LED
In the room is cooled only with the gravity of the air, without ventilation motor
Economy shower heads are used


We use biodegradable cleaning agents from the company Remsgold
Reduced packaging material due to bulk orders
Our suppliers all come from the region with short travel distances
Focus on products from sustainable cultivation
Changeover to recycled paper


Our roof is green
Our outdoor lighting is insect friendly
We have planted a flower meadow and have bee sponsorship
Expansion of the waste separation system - toner cartridges are disposed of separately
Three electric charging stations in the underground parking garage
All employees are trained in energy-saving measures

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